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Envision Fitness, located in Hopkins MN, exists to serve our community by providing individualized personal training and high-intensity boot camp! Both of which are designed to help you change your lifestyle and live the healthy, happy life you deserve. You won’t find a gym more dedicated to its members than us. When you join our community you will become part of something larger than yourself; you become a member of our family.



Fitness Bootcamp

At Envision Fitness, we offer a perfect balance of strength training, high-intensity training, cardiovascular conditioning. Each day of the week focuses on different muscle groups and intensity. We always start each week focusing on strength, [...]


How do you feel about your overall health? We would love to discuss it with you! We offer numerous options to help you achieve your fitness goals. Fill out the form below or call us for a free consultation with a Envision Fitness Personal Trainer (612) 405-8414
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Eric Weiner
Eric WeinerCo-Founder, CEO, Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor
Eric has been in personal training and teaching group classes for the past 5 years. With a certification in strength and conditioning and a degree in Sports Medicine, Eric combines a scientific approach with experience, empathy and compassion.

“Personal training is an investment in yourself. You are investing in a healthy lifestyle so you may achieve everything you desire in your life.”

Throughout your training experience, you will constantly hear this from Eric. Having invested in a personal trainer before, he strongly believes in the profound effect a personal trainer can have on your life.

“For me personally, fitness really became a passion when I hired my own personal trainer. He challenged me physically and mentally, and targeted my weaknesses. Each session was unique, while still building on previous sessions. After only the first month I became an instant believer in the power of personal training and have I become a much better leader because of it. I recommend personal training to everyone.”

Aaron Anderson
Aaron AndersonCo-Founder, CMO, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
Aaron has been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and nutrition coach for the past 12 years. With certifications through: NASM, NETA & ACE. Aaron’s specialties are: weight loss, nutritional counseling, muscle building and sports specific programs

“Fitness is a true passion of mine. I started as a personal trainer 12 years ago in a “Big Box” gym right here in Minnesota. Between then and now, I have traveled the country holding a variety of different positions within the fitness industry. I’ve managed other personal trainers, sold gym memberships and even owned my own fitness centers. Yet, no matter where I’ve been or what I’ve done, my strongest passion is helping others achieve success.”



“Aaron is super comfortable to be around and is really good at what he does. He personalizes a plan for you specifically and adjusts it accordingly, he’s amazing. Also, SUPER flexible!!”

– Lizzy A.

I’ve never considered myself an athletic person and have always viewed Boot Camp and Personal Training as things that “other” people do. In the Fall of 2015 this mindset was challenged when I finally became fed up with all the ways that I managed to injure myself due to poor posture and muscle tone. It was then that I sought advice from a Personal Trainer, and met Eric. I began Personal Training tentatively, with the expectation that I’d gain some knowledge but wouldn’t continue to train for long. Would this trainer turn out to be the Drill Sergeant, whose impossible demands would leave me feeling inadequate? Or the Push-Over, who would allow me to give up before reaching the limits of my strength and endurance? I was surprised to discover that Eric was neither. His knowledge of kinesiology and proper form, and his readiness to work around my injuries impressed me, as did his unlimited supply of patience, compassion, and optimism. Though his workout plans have never been easy, they have always been fair. As he says, he’d never make anyone do anything he couldn’t do himself! A year and a half later I still work with Eric, both one-on-one and in regular weekly Boot Camps. I do things now that I never thought I would – for example, 110 push-ups in one class period! Eric is also helping me work toward goals that are realistic for me, like running a 5k and learning to spar. I used to wonder why I’d ever want to work with a Personal Trainer; now I wonder why I ever wouldn’t.
– Megan F.

“Aaron is the only Personal Trainer that I would recommend.! Over the past 5-10 years, I have had quite a few trainers, but none of them knew how to train as well as Aaron continues to do. He reviews my plans and follows my exercises intently. He knows how to work with me no matter what kind of mood I’m having and he always works great with me. I am sure that if I were to review Aaron Anderson’s work display and knowledge again in a year or more I would say that he continues to get the goal that he and his client set out to get 🙂

 – Molly T

When I turned 40, I decided that I needed to enlist the help of a trainer to help me lose the weight that I still had two years after having my third child.  After 8 months of training, I’m so glad to say that I have lost 25 lbs! I’m only 5′ tall so this has made such a big difference on my frame. I’m also a lot stronger and have more endurance than I’ve ever had in my life – I’m running nearly 20 miles a week in addition to my strength training sessions.

I’ve had other trainers over the years, but Eric is definitely the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He is an extremely good listener, very comfortable to talk to, and challenges me in a way that is positive and motivational. I’d recommend him to anyone, beginner or otherwise!

– Amy F.


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