Tracking Your Transformation: Is Your Scale Telling You Lies?

When you’re working toward a physical transformation, tracking your weight and BMI can be a huge mistake. Click to learn the numbers you should be tracking from the experts at Envision Fitness.

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Beyond the Physical Workout: Why the Right Mindset is Critical for Success

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, training your mind is critical for success. Learn why working out is more mental than physical from the experts at Envision Fitness. 

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Fad Diets: Why You Shouldn’t Follow the Crowd

Your health and fitness journey is personal, but the pervasive nature of the fad diet culture can really get inside your head if you let it. Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, there’s a new advertisement for the latest and greatest “miracle diet,” promising drastic weight loss and improved health. But are these fad diets really effective? Will you really lose 20 pounds in 30 days with their “secret” list of magical foods? The short answer is: probably not. Fad diets are simply the product of clever marketers preying on individuals who aren’t sure where to turn for weight loss guidance. Here to discuss the dangers of falling victim to these diets are the fitness and nutrition pros at Envision Fitness.

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How To Meal Prep

There are a variety of ways to meal prep and reduce your stress during the week. Not only does meal prepping eliminate stress on nights you work late or have other events going on, but it also saves time and gives you extra time to work on other things you may have to do. At Envision Fitness, we believe in a holistic approach to health.

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Five Tips to Help Manage and Reduce Stress

Being able to control your stress levels is a vital part of living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. You can exercise and eat healthy all you want, but unless you can stay in a good mental state, it will all be for naught. While each person handles their stressors in their own way, there are many general exercises and techniques you can practice to try and maintain your stress levels. At Envision Fitness, we focus on holistic health, which means we want you to have a healthy exercise routine, a balanced diet, and a healthy way of managing your emotions. Here, our expert team will discuss easy ways to reduce and manage stress.

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Five Superfoods To Try

Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet is just as important as maintaining a healthy exercise routine. Certain foods provide the body with not only generic health benefits, but they also provide added benefits that many foods don’t supply. Superfoods are proven to provide more benefits than others, which allows you to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

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Why Everyone Should Work With a Personal Trainer

Let’s face it, not all of us can have the consistency, nor the discipline of being in the military. But, we can have a similar system of accountability to keep us consistent and disciplined. That is where hiring a personal trainer can provide the most value. Many of us know how to workout. We know what push ups are—if not, all the more reason to hire a personal trainer—but we lack the consistency to get better at them. In this article, we’re going to walk you through how we at Envision Fitness differentiate ourselves from the industry.

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Fitting Exercise Into Your Desk Job

Sitting still for hours a day at your job can cause you to lose your ideal fitness level and can cause muscle and nerve damage. The lack of movement can lead to a loss of muscle mass, as well as stiff, painful muscles, pinched nerves, and sometimes more severe ailments. Fortunately, there are simple exercises you can do to remain active at your desk job and improve your overall health. At Envision Fitness, we will go over some of these exercises to help you feel better daily.

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The Wellness Triangle: Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the stereotype is that it’s mostly a physical process. Being truly healthy means focusing on all aspects of your life, which primarily fall into three categories: fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Being truly healthy is a multi-faceted journey that takes a lot of work. The Triangle is a holistic approach that views each aspect of wellness as equally important as the next. Here, Envision Fitness will go over The Wellness Triangle.

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How Leadership Builds Discipline

At Envision Fitness, we truly believe that proper leadership infects those around us. When we are in the presence of a good leader, we feel more inspired, thus work harder, and develop the discipline to bring this into our everyday lives. When you choose our team, you choose a community that will support you every step of your journey.

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