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We are so proud of all of our members, and love celebrating every success with them. These are their stories.



Meet Amanda. She's one of the hardest workers at Envision Fitness; oftentimes, she'll do a boot camp workout after just completing a personal training session! And her hard work is paying off. In her first two months with Envision, she lost nearly six pounds of body fat, which was 16 percent of her overall body fat – all while gaining four pounds of lean muscle! (And she still eats pizza!)

"Training with Eric has been amazing. I was nervous to start because I have a lower back injury, and I didn’t want to make it worse. Eric has been able to modify every workout so I get the best results. He is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He gave me confidence and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Eric works very closely helping to give you nutrition advice, and follows up weekly or daily. He cares about each person he trains with, and is the most passionate trainer I have ever met. I recommend Eric to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, or to get started on your fitness journey. You won’t regret it!"

Amanda - Edina, MN



Last week a colleague who had just entered the building noticed my silhouette as I was walking toward her. After her eyes adjusted to the dark hallway, she said, “Sarah…it’s you! I saw this powerful woman coming down the hall, and couldn’t figure out who it was!”

WHAT? Okay, I’m 5’2”, 105 lbs., and she saw a “powerful woman?” At first I was confused by her comment, but then realized that actually something about me has changed. And it’s because last summer I started attending Eric Weiner’s fitness classes.

Eric is an excellent personal trainer. He’s knowledgeable, intuitive, and friendly. His positive energy is motivating. Since I’ve been training with him my strength, endurance, and energy levels have greatly increased. I’ve gone from eight knee push-ups to 20 pushups from my toes!

Eric makes working out fun by using a variety of equipment and changing things up frequently. He genuinely cares about people, and keeps close tabs on how his clients are feeling throughout the workout. He observes, listens, and makes adjustments as needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Eric and his new business, Envision Fitness, to anyone who wants to become stronger, healthier, and well…more powerful!

Testimonial written by Sarah Sandon from Hopkins, MN – a Founder’s Member who has been training with Eric since August 2016.



I’ve never considered myself an athletic person, and have always viewed boot camp and personal training as things that “other” people do. In the Fall of 2015, this mindset was challenged when I finally became fed up with all the ways that I managed to injure myself due to poor posture and muscle tone.

It was then that I sought advice from a personal trainer, and met Eric. I began personal training tentatively, with the expectation that I’d gain some knowledge but wouldn’t continue to train for long. Would this trainer turn out to be the drill sergeant whose impossible demands would leave me feeling inadequate? Or the pushover, who would allow me to give up before reaching the limits of my strength and endurance?

I was surprised to discover that Eric was neither. His knowledge of kinesiology and proper form, and his readiness to work around my injuries impressed me, as did his unlimited supply of patience, compassion, and optimism. Though his workout plans have never been easy, they have always been fair. As he says, he’d never make anyone do anything he couldn’t do himself!

Years later, I still work with Eric, both one-on-one and in regular weekly boot camps. I do things now that I never thought I would – for example, 110 push-ups in one class period! Eric is also helping me work toward goals that are realistic for me, like running a 5k and learning to spar. I used to wonder why I’d ever want to work with a personal trainer; now I wonder why I ever wouldn’t.

Megan - St. Louis Park


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