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Anyways, I always get asked about ab workouts, so I decided to post my top 4 favorite ab exercises. I hope you enjoy!

A strong set of ab muscles can look after and maintain the stability of your core, providing protection to your spine and organs while also offering the strength to maneuver large weights. If you wish to muscle around larger amounts of weight without getting fatigued easily, then it goes without saying that you need a powerful central core. This is why it is advised that you should train your body with the strongest ab exercises.

When it comes to working out your abs, it is essential to remember that a variety of tempos, positions, variations, and speeds should be used. Mixing things up is the best way to go so you can hit your ab muscles from different angles. With that being said, here are the top 4 workouts for getting killer abs.

1.     The Bicycle Crunch

This is an exercise which mimics a bicycle ride, and hence it’s given this name. However, there are no actually bicycles involved. The best part is that the bicycle crunch is amongst the most effective exercises for hitting your abs as well as your obliques hard. This workout uses the resistance and weight of your own physique to train the abs. If training with your bodyweight seems to be too easy for you then you can add some weight to your legs.

2.     Vertical Leg Raise

Vertical leg raise is optimal for hitting your lower abdominals. Plus, with the right variations in your movement, you can also train your obliques as well in this fantastic abdominal exercise. It’s not actually possible for you to target every specific section of your abs as the whole abdominal muscle group is a cohesive one. However, this workout hits all the major groups, which is why you’ll definitely feel that pull in your lower abdomen once you’re done with this workout.

3.     Ab Wheels

This one sits at the top of the most effective core exercises for the abdominal muscles. Why so? Because it hurts in just the right kind of way. For those who wish to have washboard abs then this workout is definitely the one you should be doing. With ab wheels, it’s essential to remember your limits, as this exercise can be quite hard for someone whose lower back is weak.

4.     Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are one of those serious works that push you to the limit, providing you a hardcore workout for both your stamina and abs. In this workout, both your abdominal and back muscles are put to the test. You don’t need to follow a set number of reps for this exercise. The main point is to push yourself towards muscle fatigue to the point at which you can’t go on any further. Keep challenging yourself for increasing the length at which you kick or the amount of kicks you carry out in a set time period.

If you incorporate these exercises in your routine, you will definitely be on your way to killer abs in no time!

Start utilizing these exercises in your ab routine, I know you will be happy with the results.