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What We Choose to Take With Us

Invest Like the Best: Greatness Without Goals

What is the Metabolic Triangle?

A common misconception is that an endurance athlete will be good at sprinting or that someone who does a lot of high-intensity sprinting will be good at endurance training. In reality, these two forms of exercise use vastly different muscles and energy systems.

Why “Springs & Brakes”?

There are many similarities that exist in most of the people I work with, much of the population, and in myself as well. Knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatic/SI pain. Sound familiar?

Eating Smarter, Simpler, and Better

Everything I thought I knew about nutrition was challenged in 2023. The knowledge gained changed my mental framework of what healthy means and what nutrition is.

What We Choose to Take With Us

This is my final post of 2023. While only the 5th edition of the new Envision Endeavor, this project has been a long time in the making — with many failed attempts along the journey and quite a few dead ends — and one I cannot wait to build upon in 2024.


Throughout our endeavor to be a healthier version of ourselves, we face failure after failure. I have failed more times than I can count. However, each time I do, I learn something new about my present self to help my future self prepare.

In Pursuit of Mastering Our Health

While traveling to New York recently, I observed a man giving a tour in Central Park. He was explaining the history of the park, the landmarks in the city, and how the only natural body of water in the city can be found in Harlem

Becoming an Imperfectionist and Measuring Progress

Something magical happens when you set foot in your gym: You’re there for you; to make yourself better. How often in our daily lives do we get to say that?

Using Exercise to Embrace Failure

Failure is what teaches us; failure is how we grow; failure is how we earn what Arthur Brooks calls satisfaction, a key macronutrient of happiness.

Setting Achievable Goals

Setting short term, attainable goals will increase the of success rate dramatically.

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