If you've read my weekly Worth Listening To series, where I list my favorite podcasts of the week, you will have seen the podcast episode titled, "Greatness Without Goals". It was an incredible episode with the premise that great things - innovation in science & technology is the theme of the talk - does not happen by seeking it; it happens by collecting and maximizing steppingstones over time.

This week's edition of Worth Listening To includes a podcast episode called, "Tools for Setting & Achieving Goals". The guest is a brilliant woman named Dr. Emily Balcetis. One of the biggest takeaways from this podcast was the amount of failure that occurs in setting long duration goals. Moreover, the inverse is equally true: that setting short term, attainable goals will increase the of success rate dramatically.

Why are we discussing two completely different podcasts from completely different industries? Because what they both say is incredibly similar if you dig deep into the first principles of their arguments. Which is, proximity to your goal matters, and that, while you may have a long-term BHAG (big hairy audacious goal), the actionable, measurable steppingstones along the way matter. When you're running a 5K, or a marathon, set visual markers for yourself as you progress (more on this at the bottom of the newsletter).

As an example, I want to highlight one member of Envision Fitness (you'll know who you are). This member has known me a long time and has tried numerous times to lose weight - We've tried EVERYTHING. Well, one day they come in and mention this new plan they're going to follow. One of the steps involves weighing in only once every 30 days and being reasonably disciplined during said 30 days. After the first 30 days, down ~10lbs; after the 2nd 30 days, down another 7-8lbs; after the 3rd 30 days, down 5-6lbs. It's now been over 4 months and over 25lbs lost and what a difference it has made. Incredible to watch happen up close, especially through all the trials and tribulations along the journey.