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From monthly archives: July 2022

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Nasal Breathing: Why it's 10X Better Than Breathing Through Your Mouth

Last week was all about sleep - how to improve your sleep through light manipulation. We also discussed "positive perspective", and mental framings. Now we're bring them together. If you've never concentrated on your breathing before, it's time to start.

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Fast Twitch/Slow Twitch

One of the most basic elements of learning body awareness for things like posture, injury prevention, and proper movement is learning which muscles perform certain actions.

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4 Places to Get Outdoor Exercise Near Minneapolis

Want to start taking some of your workouts outside? Check out these four personal fitness paradises near Minneapolis where you can get outdoor exercise!

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Rest and Stress: Improving Your Recovery and Your Energy

Our nervous system is one of the most of overlooked aspects of our health. It's what makes a good health program great.

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