Can you believe its already July?! The year is sure flying by!

This July, we’re bringing awareness to environmental issues. “Plastic Free July” is an international organization, started in Australia, that brings people together to “Choose to Refuse” single-use plastic items. Choosing to not use plastic can help your eco-footprint, protect the ocean and fill the landfill!

Being environmentally friendly not only helps the planet, but in turn helps yourself! In fact, “according to the American Heart Association, exposure to pollution contributes to heart disease and stroke”. Being more aware of how you are affecting the earth can turn to be better off for your body too. It’s also important to pay attention to littering, as lots of trash supply ends up in our water source, that eventually ends up in our body.

This July, heres a few changes you can make to your everyday life that are environmentally friendly!

Choose reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles are a super easy change to make! You can purchase them from anywhere, including Amazon, Target and more, and simply fill up your water bottle anywhere. Over one million plastic, non-reusable are purchased everyday and ultimately end up in the landfill. Choosing a reusable water bottle is something you can benefit from everyday.

Use stainless steel/reusable straws

Plastic straws are another plastic item that can be easily replaced with something reusable. So many places, like your local smoothie shop or coffee shop hand out plastic straws, which again, end up in the landfill at the end of the day, contributing to unnecessary waste. Purchase a pack of reusable straws on Amazon and stick them in your backpacks, purse, cars and more!

Check your water usage

Another easy change to make is being aware of how much water you’re using. Try turning off the water while your brushing your teeth, or letting it run less when doing the dishes!

Use reusable grocery bags

Finally, purchase a reusable grocery bag instead of opting for a paper or plastic bag given to you at the store. Most bags can be purchased for only around $5. Some stores will even give you a small discount for shopping with a reusable bag!


Remember, these small changes will help keep your water sources and the air you breath cleaner–which in turn will help you live a healthier life!