Staying active is a big part of keeping up a generally healthy life. For most of you, you probably workout several times a week and work hard during your gym hours… but what about the times you’re not in the gym and just living your everyday life? Here are a few small changes you can make every day to live a more active lifestyle!


Take the stairs

Instead of taking the elevator up to another floor, how about the stairs? Taking the stairs a few times a day will add some more steps into your day! Stairs are even more challenging because of the incline– think about it as an everyday “stair stepper” from your gym!

Park farther away

How many of you look for the closest parking spot when going to the store or even the gym? I see so many people even driving around the parking spot for minutes to try and find a close spot! Instead of doing that, park in a spot farther away or even in the back of the lot– this will give you even more steps and activity for the day!

Bike/walk instead of drive

Instead of driving to a destination close to you, how about biking or walking? This will kill two birds with one stone– getting your errands in for the day and getting some extra exercise!

Take a small walk during the day

Another small change you can make if you’re struggling to stay active is planning a small walk, or two, throughout your day. Try adding in a five minute walk before breakfast or after dinner!

Take standing breaks during work

If you work a desk job, you might find yourself sitting for hours at a time. Try and get up every hour and take a little walk around the office, a walk to fill up your water bottle, or even just a stretch! In fact, the Apple Watch implements this technology! Every hour on your watch, you receive a notification to stand if you’ve been sitting for too long. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, simply try setting an alarm for every hour or so at work for your break!

With these five small changes implemented in your life, you’ll find yourself living a more active lifestyle– even outside of the gym!