You might be wondering… what the HECK are all these letters?! HIIT and LISS are two different styles of cardio often seen during working out. HIIT, also known as high intensity interval training and LISS, low intensity steady state, are both appropriate styles of cardio. But which is best? And what exactly do they mean?

High Intensity Interval Training: Quick bursts of work at a high effort/intensity followed by slower work or rest. You’re working for short periods of time, usually 30-40 seconds so make sure to give it your all! HIIT training usually uses both the ATP-PC + glycolytic energy systems which is anaerobic. They cover the first 10 to 50 seconds of work. Training anaerobically can also help increase endurance. HIIT training also increases your metabolism after your done working out, so you burn more for longer (also known as EPOC-Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption).

Low Intensity Steady State working at a more consistent, constant pace where you maintain the same intensity for a longer duration of time, usually around 30 minutes or more! LISS used training in the oxidative system, which is aerobic. This is great for increasing overall health, blood flow and a stronger heart!

So which one was better?! Whatever works better for YOU!

HIIT Ideas:

  • Bike sprints
  • Treadmill sprints
  • Plyometric circuits
  • Jump roping

LISS Ideas:

  • Treadmill incline walks
  • Stairmaster
  • Steady biking
  • Walking

Our bootcamps typically involved circuit style, HIIT cardio to give you more bang for your buck and keep you working even long after your finished with us!

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