A strong and healthy breakfast is always the most essential key to a good health, great body, and sufficient energy for the day that follows. However, what most of the people fail to understand is that you don’t necessarily need to consume your breakfast first thing in the morning. I have a simple and healthy recipe for breakfast which you can pre-make ahead of time and simply enjoy every mid or late morning as part of your meal shifting weight loss/fitness plan.

While all you muscle heads out there who are reading this post will definitely scream in fear about not getting sufficient intake of protein in this breakfast, I will clearly point out that you don’t need to consume significantly high quantities of protein early in the morning. Your breakfast should include a small serving of protein enriched food (for instance, a whole egg) but the main focus should be carbs to provide you the energy for the day that follows. Once you cut down your protein intake in your breakfast, you will definitely feel lighter and much better.

Anyway, the ideal time to have this secret recipe is around 11AM. I know that some people will definitely say that that’s too late for someone to have breakfast. If you already know what’s the deal with the meal shifting strategy, then you will know how it works. If you don’t, then I have a quick summary for you:

Instead of having breakfast first thing in the morning, you rather wait until mid or late morning to have your very first meal of the day. Similarly, the rest of your meals are shifted/pushed back by a few hours. This gives you less of an opportunity to consume unneeded calories and overeat.

Getting back to the topic, here’s the secret recipe:

-> Mix 1/3 cup of whole oats in 3/4 cup of water and cook for 10 minutes on low heat (in the stove).

Once this is cooked, you need to drop the whole oats on top of:

-> 1 tbsp dried berry mix (try Newman’s Own Organic because that’s what I use)
-> 1/2 medium/small banana
-> 1 tsp ground cinnamon powder
-> 1 strong pinch of the stevia extract powder (it provides zero calorie, all natural sweetness)
-> 1 heaping tbsp of ground organic flax seed (extremely important for your daily nutrition)

Stir it all up and also add a bit of water to try and tweak its consistency to what you prefer.

And that’s about it! Enjoy!

I recommend having this secret recipe nearly five times every week. And if you find it difficult to schedule this kind of breakfast for your own self, then I have another tip for you. On Sundays, follow the exact same recipe that I’ve mentioned. Simply multiply everything by 5. Once it is done, divide the mixture into five storage containers and store then into your refrigerator. By doing so, you will have one meal for each of your breakfasts in the week.

And that’s all!