According to studies, regular exercise plays a major role in living a healthy and prosperous life. In fact, one study performed by the Harvard University tells us that people who exercise on a daily basis experience several benefits as compared to those who do not. Some of these benefits include improved sleep and considerably reduced risks of weight gain.

Despite the fact that the above might sound like common knowledge for some, it is usually difficult for many to know exactly where to start and continue exercising on a daily basis.

1.      Start Slow and Gradually Increase your Level of Activity

Refrain from getting stuck in a rut. What you need to do is continue progressing. You can do this by making the exercises challenging. As you grow your body in terms of endurance and strength, exercises that once seemed challenging will no longer prove to be that difficult. So keep challenging your body from time to time and that’s how you’ll achieve sustained muscle growth.

2.      Stretching Is Important: Before AND After

Your muscles take time in order to warm up. As such, it is essential to stretch throughout your workouts. If you decide to go out on a run or walk, make sure you stretch your own muscles after you are done. Doing this will give the muscles an opportunity to loosen up a bit. What’s more, stretching after exercise is beneficial for overall mobility of your muscles.

3.      Exercise With a Friend

If you have a friend by your side who is equally motivated towards the same exercise goals can help you considerably in accomplishing your own goals. Even if you don’t wish to exercise with a partner, you should try explaining your exercise goals to friends and family as they will definitely help you out with this process. Having someone that can encourage and motivate you is good for overall success.

4.      Don’t Exercise Painfully

Unless you’re a bodybuilder, the old fashioned saying of “No Pain, No Gain” doesn’t need to apply to your workouts. Of course, there are countless reasons as to why people exercise but the most obvious one is that they wish to be healthy. As such, you should refrain from exercising too painfully. The last thing you wish to do is hurt yourself and fail to perform routine tasks.

5.      Hydrate

One of the most effective ways for overcoming illness or recovering from any injury is hydrating. And when it comes to exercising, this couldn’t be any truer. When you work out, you lose water due to perspiration. You need to replenish this water. tells us that an individual should drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water on a daily basis and 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes of your exercise.