What Is The Wellness Triangle?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the stereotype is that it’s mostly a physical process. Being truly healthy means focusing on all aspects of your life, which primarily fall into three categories: fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Being truly healthy is a multi-faceted journey that takes a lot of work. The Triangle is a holistic approach that views each aspect of wellness as equally important as the next. Here, Envision Fitness will go over The Wellness Triangle.


●        Fitness

Being physically fit is what many of us think of when it comes to overall health. If you look good, you’ll feel good, right? Not always. While being physically fit and comfortable in your own body is extremely important, it’s also important to balance that with nutritional and emotional health. Life isn’t about looking like people with “ideal body types.” It is about doing what is best for your own body.


●        Nutrition

Nutrition is another one of those stereotypical things most of us think of when it comes to health. While it is a vital part of The Wellness Triangle, it needs to be balanced correctly with the other two aspects. Eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only help you feel better, but they put you in a better position to live a long, fulfilling life. Proper nutrition is a perfect balancing act to physical health. It is hard to maintain one without the other. You can work out as much as you want, but without fueling your body with the right ingredients, it will not make a great difference.


●        Mindset

Possibly the most important and overlooked part of overall health is the mental approach. Many people focus on the other two aspects of The Triangle, but do not put as much work into their mental health. Having great nutritional and physical health is phenomenal, but it is difficult to feel good if you are not in a good place mentally. It takes a great amount of mental discipline to be proactive and take care of one’s body.


Getting up to workout everyday isn’t easy, but you do it. Maintaining a healthy diet isn’t easy, but you do it. Fighting off that nagging self-doubt that you’re not pretty, fit, or talented enough isn’t easy, but with the proper mindset, it can be done. 

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