Sometimes, the gym can be intimidating!

At Envision Fitness, we offer a great community where you don’t have to be intimidated! If you’re still new to the gym and nervous, here are some tips to help you get over your “gym-timidation”, make it to the gym and crush your goals!

Remember, everyone starts somewhere.

Nobody came into the gym their first day and was an expert. Despite how strong and ripped someone is, they too started as a beginner. Remember everyone felt the way you felt at one point in their life. The most important part is that you’re at the gym!

Put in some loud music.

Just block everyone out. Turn up your music as loud as it goes and completely drown in it. It will help you forget that others are around you! If I’m feeling particular nervous that day, throw on a baseball cap to block the people around me out. Whatever you gotta do to get through your workout!

No one really cares about you.

…And not in a bad way! The people who are in the gym are also there to get their workout in and probably aren’t paying attention to you anyways. They feel the same way- they just wanna get in and out and get a good workout in. If they are paying attention to you or judging you, it’s probably because they feel insecure about themselves in the gym.

You’re making a positive change.

Like mentioned earlier, the most important part is that you’re living a healthy lifestyle and doing something good for your body (and even mental health!). Who honestly cares whether you’re lifting 5 pounds or 30 pounds. The most important thing is that you’re moving in a positive direction and taking care of yourself!

Enjoy yourself next time you’re at the gym!