Don’t have enough time to make it to the gym for a workout? Do you have the time to take your dog for a walk? If so, have you thought about making your daily dog walks do double duty? Because your pooch can be the workout and accountability partner you never realized you had!


How? With just a bit of creativity, it’s possible to transform what would normally be a leisurely stroll with your pup into a heart-pounding workout. All you’ll need for your full-body dog walk workout is a leash, treats, a dog toy, and, since your pup will need to stay hydrated, a collapsable bowl or shallow cup for water.


Once you’ve gathered your workout gear, use the directions, exercises, and rep schemes in the following list to get your heart rate up while you take your pooch for a daily jaunt!


Warm Up With a Jog

Start off your workout with a quick, five- to 10-minute jogging warmup. If your pooch is the type to sniff every scent he encounters, work on training your dog to keep a jogging pace rather than allowing him to stop and mark every weed and lamppost.


Use your leash to guide your pup while controlling his speed, so you’re both clipping along at a moderate, warm-up pace. Increase your speed as your pup learns the ropes and you get more comfortable guiding him. If you want your dog to learn as quickly as possible, take the same route each time you head out, so he knows what to expect.


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Head to a Designated Off-Leash Area

Use your jogging warmup as an opportunity to get yourself and your pup to an off-leash area like a dog park or an open field where you feel comfortable removing his leash. Once you’ve arrived at your chosen location, you’ll be using the dog toy you brought along to give your pup a workout while you use your own body weight to get your heartbeat up.


Below, you’ll find a series of exercises that’ll form your full-body workout. Feel free to perform them in the order listed here or switch them around as you see fit.


Bodyweight Squat and Toy Throw

You’ll repeat this exercise for 10 total reps. Grab your dog’s toy and hold it in both of your hands. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hinge at your hips, and push your tush back as though you’re getting ready to sit down in a chair. Keeping your chest up, lower yourself into a squat position while maintaining a neutral spine.


Once you reach the bottom of the squat, explode upward onto your toes while arching your back slightly and throwing the dog toy behind you as far as you can. Tell your pooch to go fetch the toy, and when he brings it back, that’s one rep. Repeat this exercise nine more times.


Ball Throw and Burpees

You’ll repeat this exercise for five rounds total. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your dog’s toy (if it’s not a ball, that’s fine) in one hand. Toss the toy as far in front of you as you can and when your pooch runs after it, immediately begin performing burpees. Do as many burpees as you can while your pooch fetches his toy, and when he returns with it, that’s one round. Repeat the movement four more times.


Walking Lunges With a Twist

Grab one of the dog treats you brought and break it into multiple pieces. Let your pooch smell the treat in your hands before you start performing this exercise. Then, close your fist around the treat pieces and hold your hand in front of your chest.


Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and take one large step forward with your right foot. Sink into a lunge position, and when you reach the bottom of the move, twist your torso over toward your right thigh before returning to a center position and lifting yourself out of the lunge. Repeat the move on your left side. Your dog should follow your hand holding the treat each time you lower yourself into a lunge and twist your torso to the side.


At the top of every other rep, reward your pooch for following along with one of the treat pieces you’re holding. Repeat this movement for 10 total repetitions.


Russian Twists and Treats

Begin this movement by breaking a dog treat into five small pieces. Let your pooch sniff the treat so he knows you have it. Then, sit on the ground and bend your knees, lifting your heels slightly. Lean back at a 45-degree angle and keep your back straight while you twist your torso to the right and tap your hands on the ground.


Repeat the movement on your left side to complete the full rep. You’ll want to repeat 10 full repetitions of this exercise, rewarding your dog with a piece of treat after you complete every other rep.


When you’re finished with your exercises, perform a brief cooldown by walking at moderate pace with your pup on his leash. After you’ve cooled down, make you take a few minutes to stretch your muscles to help with post-workout recovery.


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