As I've sat here, at home with Covid for the past 4 days, I've been pondering this question. As an example, "why is it so hard for me to get this weekly newsletter out each and every week?" I don't have an exact answer. In fact, I believe what makes us so unique is this answer may be, and likely is, different for everyone.

One theory I have is we are an incredibly results-oriented society. Our job performances are almost always production-based. However, there is a certain feedback loop at play here. With public companies, the feedback loop is every quarter: How fast are you growing, and how much profit are you generating? With us as individuals, the feedback loop has no defined time horizon. 

What happens when we don't set time horizons for our own feedback loops? Others set them for us. Social media is a great example. We see others whom we want to emulate. It then becomes about playing someone else's game. Unfortunately, that individual's game is very different than the game you may be trying to play for yourself. Here is a perfect scenerio that embodies this:

I am very active on Twitter. There are many great content creators who teach valuable skills. Several of them publish consistent newsletters every single week and have tens, if not hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I see these numbers and think, "I'll never have that success." When in reality, it took these individuals literally YEARS to build their audiences. In essence, I am defeating myself before I even begin.

Now apply this to your goal of losing weight, or building muscle, or whichever goal is important to you. Therein lies the results-based problem with letting others set your time horizon for you. If you recognize you are playing your own game, and set your own time horizons for yourself, you can absolutely achieve them.

What's more? You have myself, Kyle and the entire Envision Fitness Community to support you along the way!