In our increasingly busy world, people are getting less and less sleep. On average, 35% of adults sleep less than seven hours a night. From medical and sleep disorders to mental health challenges disrupting our sleep routines, the time we spend truly resting is becoming scarce.


As a society, we’re constantly on the go, and instead of taking time to sleep, we’re depriving ourselves of a vital part of being human. But the problems with getting too little sleep extend beyond just feeling tired.


It could be your sleep habits if you’re working out and not seeing results. Let’s break down the specifics of how sleep can impact your workout.

Why Do We Need to Sleep?

Sleep is a natural part of our daily routine and has many essential functions and benefits. While we sleep, our bodies recover, conserve energy, and rebuild and repair muscles we worked throughout the day.


Sleep also regulates some of our hormones, and lack of sleep can cause those hormones to fluctuate in a negative way.


When you get regular sleep, you’re less likely to get sick as often, and it can lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes. Adequate sleep even reduces stress! Rest keeps our minds and bodies healthy so that we can live rich, productive lives.

How Does Lack of Sleep Affect Me?

Lack of sleep can have cumulative adverse effects on our minds and bodies. Not getting enough sleep at night can cause mental health problems, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and stroke.


Your body doesn't have time to rest and recover when you don’t sleep, particularly after a workout. You can also experience a lack of productivity and excessive sleepiness, which can cause potential accidents, particularly if you fall asleep while driving.


Lack of sleep can also cause overeating, which could affect your results from your workout.

How Does Sleep Affect My Work Out Routine?

Why do you work out? Besides improving cardiovascular health, you likely work out to build muscle, slim down, and improve endurance. Sleeping properly can help you accomplish those goals in addition to working out and eating a healthy diet.


During sleep, our bodies release a growth hormone, which as adults, helps us build lean muscle and allows our bodies to repair themselves. That’s why getting enough sleep when working out is always essential.

Does Exercise Help Me Sleep?

The short answer is: yes! Maintaining a consistent workout schedule can help you sleep better and longer. One study has shown that working out four times a week helped adults gain about 75 more minutes of good, restful sleep.


When we exercise, our brain releases a chemical called adenosine, which makes us sleepy. (Fun fact: Caffeine blocks adenosine to make us alert.) So that means that the harder we work out, the more likely we are to get tired and sleep better.

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