We’re all busy. Sometimes people feel they can't squeeze in a workout when they have work, school, children, activities, social time, and more. Not to mention, we all need time to rest and recover in order to be ready for the next day. So when do you work out to stay healthy and fit?


Envision Fitness gets it. We know that life is crazy, and it gets hectic every day. That’s why we’ve put together some creative ideas for squeezing in a workout. With these suggestions, you can break a little sweat, clear your mind, and release endorphins to help recharge you to continue with your day.


After all, exercise can help energize you rather than make you more tired. Getting in a short workout is a great way to keep you going when life is busy!


Let’s look at some of the best ways to work out in a short amount of time.

1. Don’t Worry About Daily Workouts

Sometimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves to work out daily. And if we miss a day, we can feel deflated. This is a good reason to adjust your expectations and not worry about working out every single day.


Another way to think about it is that you don’t have to exercise at the same time every day. If you have a few minutes one morning, and perhaps a lunch hour another day, or a few minutes at night, take advantage of those times to burn some calories.


Try to exercise at least two to three times a week until you feel comfortable adding more days or find the time to work out every day.

2. Habit Stacking

Habit stacking is a great way to get in some exercise while remaining productive. If you have a meeting at work, make it into a walking meeting where you and your coworkers or clients take a walk and discuss your meeting agenda.


If you are cooking a meal, fit in a few squats in between stirs or do a few situps as the meal finishes baking in the oven.


Try to fit some physical fitness into your daily commute by biking instead of driving to the office. Or if you have to drive, do tummy flexes at every stoplight or practice meditative breathing exercises.


If you pay attention to your routine, you can find several times when you could exercise for a few minutes and feel good at the same time.

3. Fun Instead of Function

There are bound to be some physical activities you don’t like. That’s okay. The best option for getting more exercise is to do something you actually enjoy.


If you hate treadmills and ellipticals, then go outside for a walk. Or do some strength training. Use a jump rope with some awesome music playing. If you have time, join a recreational sport like flag football, dodgeball, softball, or volleyball.


Make your exercise time fun and enjoyable so you do not always dread doing it.

4. Give Yourself 30 Minutes

Depending on when you wake up or go to bed, you can shift that time by 30 minutes to get a workout. This is something you could do if daily exercise is your goal.


Get up just a little earlier or stay up a smidge later to get that exercise routine in. There are plenty of short videos online that you can follow or make up your own workout routine that only takes half an hour to do.

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