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From monthly archives: April 2019

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How Keeping a Journal Can Benefit Your Health

Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t just about eating right and getting enough exercise. If you really want to become a better version of yourself, you should look for other ways to develop and grow as a person. For example: journaling. Today we’re going to talk about how keeping a journal can help create positive change not only in your fitness journey, but in other aspects of your life, as well.

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4 Creative Ways to Add More Veggies to Your Diet

We all know eating vegetables is important for our health, but when you’re really hungry and craving something hearty or cheesey or carby, sometimes a kale salad doesn’t exactly hit the spot. Even for those who enjoy eating veggies, it can seem challenging to hit the recommended five-ish servings every single day. The good news? It’s a lot easier than you think. Here are four simple, creative ways to add more vegetables to your diet.

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