Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t just about eating right and getting enough exercise. If you really want to become a better version of yourself, you should look for other ways to develop and grow as a person. For example: journaling. Today we’re going to talk about how keeping a journal can help create positive change not only in your fitness journey, but in other aspects of your life, as well.


If you’ve already lost interest because you’re “not a writer,” please stay with us. Journaling is a habit for everyone. And when you put it into practice regularly, it can be completely transformative.


Journaling Keeps You Motivated to Reach Your Goals

One of the most obvious reasons to keep a journal is that it provides a way for you to keep track of your goals, whether they’re fitness and nutrition related or not. By writing down what you hope to achieve and reflecting on your progress, you are able to hold yourself accountable while identifying factors that are contributing to your success or failure.


Tip: Be honest with yourself. This is the only way to truly understand why you are reaching – or not reaching – your goals.


Journaling Reduces Stress and Boosts Your Mood

Having too much stress in your life can be detrimental to your physical, mental, and emotional health. Journaling provides a way to decompress and talk through whatever is bothering you instead of letting it fester. In fact, it can even be a mood booster. Studies have shown that writing can trigger a release of dopamine – the chemical that helps regulate emotions and improve mood.


Tip: Next time you feel like venting in a social media post, write in your journal instead.


Journaling Helps You Heal

Journaling is the best way to cope with everything from a breakup to a problem at work. By taking the time to fully explore your feelings and process the event, you’ll experience more clarity and gain valuable self-knowledge to help you heal and move on. And because you only need pen and paper, it’s basically the cheapest form of therapy!


Tip: Don’t just journal about your negative feelings surrounding a traumatic experience. Brainstorm potential solutions to your problems, and end your journaling sessions with a few words about what gives you hope that you will overcome.


Journaling Increases Gratitude

Even if you start journaling in a bad mood, the insight you gain from writing down your feelings and thoughts has a way of gradually changing your perspective on life – especially if you make an effort to write about what you’re grateful for. Research shows it can lead to better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, and more happiness.


Tip: Try writing down three things you’re grateful for each day.


Envision the Life You Want to Lead

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