With the weather heating up, it’s super important to stay hydrated. There are so many benefits to drinking a ton of water including…

1. Keeps skin looking clear and clear complexion

2. Water helps to kickstart and energize muscles

3. Get rid of toxins through sweating, urination and more

4. Relieve Fatigue

5. Keeps your body in check by boosting immune system, relieving headaches and even preventing cramps)

Here are some easy tips to help you stay hydrated!

1. Drink a glass right when you wake up

I always keep a mason jar of water on my nightstand so I can drink it right when I wake up! Drinking a glass in the morning jump starts your metabolism and also puts you in the right mindset to continue drinking water the rest of the day! Plus, within the first 10 minutes of waking up you’ve already gotten one glass of your recommended intake a day!

2. Carry around a water bottle

This is my big tip! I carry around a water bottle to class and basically wherever I go in my backpack. That way, if I get thirsty, I’m not tempted to buy something like a juice or soda from a vending machine. It also motivates me to drink the whole bottle and finish it. Plus, you’ll notice how much easier it is to drink your water if you already have it with you.

3. Track your water intake

Many apps like My Fitness Pal have a water tracking section of their app that allows you to record your intake. You can also download seperate apps to do so. Sometimes you’ll think you’re drinking enough water but you actually arent, so tracking it can ensure you do. It’s recommended that you drink. Its recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water at 8 oz each a day, however, it really differs depending on your weight and activity level. You can use bodybuilding.com’s calculator to personalize your intake here.

4. Drink a glass with each meal!

The last way to ensure that you get enough water in is to drink a glass with each meal or snack. If you’re like me, you probably eat around 3 meals a day plus a couple of snacks. I try to drink a glass with each of these meals and snacks! If I do that, that means I probably had around 5 glasses with my meals alone. Plus the one in the morning, the water I drink at the gym during my daily workouts, plus the water I consume from my water bottle throughout the day, I’m right on track!

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