Getting in the right nutrients pre and post workout is important for both fueling your workouts and recovering properly!



Don’t skip out on carbs.

Carbs are converted into glucose with give you energy! Carbs help to fuel you and give you the energy you need before your workouts


Fuel anywhere from 2 hours to 30 minutes before your workouts 

Make sure to choose proper nutrition pre workout!

  • Slow digesting carbs: Eat farther away from workout! By the time they digested, you will be ready for your workout
  • Fast digesting carbs: Eat closer to your workout to fuel you. If you’re in a rush and eating close to your workout, fast digesting carbs will help.

Also eat some protein to keep you satiated.


Not eating enough can sometimes cause you to be light headed and dizzy

No studies that show fasted training is necessarily better for you. If you can eat before a workout and feel okay, eat to fuel you. Some people, however, do find they can’t eat before a workout.


Meal/Snack ideas:

  • a granola bar
  • a piece of fruit
  • oatmeal
  • Greek yogurt (this contains carbs and protein) and granola
  • dried fruit
  • crackers
  • a rice cake and nut butter
  • a piece of toast and turkey
  • a hardboiled egg or eggs
  • milk or soy milk
  • smoothies
  • protein shake/smoothie



Try and eat as soon as possible

Try and eat within 30 minutes to an hour after working out! Include both protein and carbs to help your muscles recover. Also choose complex carbs.


Meal/Snack ideas:

  • tofu
  • beans
  • fish
  • chicken and rice
  • quinoa
  • rice and beans
  • protein shake


*Keep fats low pre and post workout as it slows digestion down (okay in moderation, but make sure your meal is primarily carbs and protein)

*Make sure to stay hydrated before, during and after workouts!