If you’re trying to better your health but feel like squeezing in a workout at the end of a long, hectic day is nearly impossible, it might be time to consider working out before work. But if you’re not really a morning person, incorporating early morning training into your day can seem like a huge hurdle in itself.


At Envision Fitness, we understand how hectic daily life can get, especially if you work full time, care for your children, and need to practice self-care too. But know this: If you prioritize your workouts, you will find a way to fit them in. Below, our personal trainers outline four helpful tips for transitioning to morning workouts.


1. Prioritize Your Sleep

Not many people can commit to morning workouts without getting adequate sleep, so if you’re currently a night owl, it’s time to change your nightly routine. Besides providing the rest you need to pull yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn, high-quality sleep also helps your body recover more efficiently from your workouts.


If you find you have trouble getting enough deep, restful sleep every night, try making the following changes to your nighttime routine:


●        Say no to pre-bed alcohol. Although a nightcap might make you feel relaxed, alcohol negatively affects sleep quality and quantity, especially during the second half of the night. It interferes with REM sleep, which reduces the amount of deep, restorative rest your body is able to get. 


●        Set a sleep-wake schedule. Your body’s internal clock — your circadian rhythm — operates on a 24-hours schedule that follows the rising and setting of the sun. But in today’s hectic age, most people hit the sack long after the sun goes down and wake up well after it has risen. What’s more, many people have very inconsistent sleep and wake times.


To help your body successfully transition to a more natural sleeping pattern, do your best to set a sleep-wake schedule where you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. It might take some time to adjust to your new routine, but when your body expects to rest and rise at the same time each day, your sleep quality will improve.


2. Create a Simple Morning Routine

Making your morning routine as simple as possible will help ensure you make your morning training sessions a priority. The fewer things you have to do in the morning, the less likely you are to make excuses to stay in bed. Try these tips to simplify your morning routine:


●        Pack the night before. Rather than groggily digging around for your workout clothes, gym bag, water bottle, and shoes at the crack of dawn, try packing your things at night. Not only will everything be easy to grab and go when you wake up, but since it’s already laid out, you’ll know that you’ve prepared yourself to start the day off on the right foot.


●        Plan your workout. If you’re working with a personal trainer, you won’t have to plan your own training session, but if you’re heading out for a solo workout, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. When you pre-plan your routine, you won’t waste any of your valuable training time wandering around wondering which exercise to perform next.


If you’re curious how the personal trainers at Envision Fitness get up and get moving at the crack of dawn, feel free to reach out to our team with your questions. We’re always happy to share lifestyle changes that can help you reach your goals, so don’t hesitate to ask!


3. Fuel Yourself Properly

Even if you can’t stomach more than a snack-sized breakfast early in the morning, it’s always a good idea to eat a little something before you train. Your muscles need fuel for optimal performance, and while you sleep, you deplete some of your body’s glycogen stores.


Since glycogen is your muscles’ stored form of energy, it’s best to replenish some of what you lost before you head out the door to train. Try these super quick, nutritionally balanced snacks for an early morning boost:


●        A fruit smoothie with a scoop of protein powder

●        Protein pancakes

●        Half a bagel or a piece of toast with peanut butter

●        An apple or banana with peanut butter

●        A handful of dried fruit or a piece of fresh fruit


But keep in mind: If eating before your workout makes you feel nauseous or just plain gross, you don’t absolutely have to force down a meal. Try out a few snacks, and if none of them agree with your stomach, listen to your body!


4. Break Out the Caffeine

Even if you get enough sleep, chances are your morning energy levels could use a boost. And if you’re not trying to avoid stimulants, caffeine can significantly improve your morning exercise performance.


Because caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, it reduces feelings of fatigue, improves endurance, and increases muscular strength and power. If coffee is a bit too strong of a stimulant for you, try these milder, caffeine-containing beverages:


●        Matcha green tea

●        Regular green tea

●        Yerba mate tea

●        Black tea

●        Hot cocoa


There are also a number of supplement products on the market designed to give you a jolt of morning energy and improve your training. If you’re curious about which supplements can benefit your health and fitness journey, ask your personal trainer for advice. At Envision Fitness, we also provide nutrition coaching and can guide you on dietary changes that will help improve your energy levels.


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