Let’s face it, not all of us can have the consistency, nor the discipline of being in the military. But, we can have a similar system of accountability to keep us consistent and disciplined. That is where hiring a personal trainer can provide the most value. Many of us know how to workout. We know what push ups are—if not, all the more reason to hire a personal trainer—but we lack the consistency to get better at them. In this article, we’re going to walk you through how we at Envision Fitness differentiate ourselves from the industry.


Individualized Training Program

Like many gyms, your first appointment at Envision will be a complimentary consultation. We do this because it helps us best serve your interests. For example, would you really want to do treadmill sprints if you’re knees are in agony? We want to know your WHY. Why are you here, what prompted you to make the call? Many people will say they want to lose weight, or tone their body; that’s wonderful. So what? WHY does that matter to you? We ask these questions so that your training program, is individualized to meet your needs.


How Accountability Leads to Discipline & Consistency

Most programs fail because of the lack of discipline to be consistent. Case in point: New Year’s resolutions. Why is this the case? Because we’re fundamentally emotional creatures. Ever bought a fancy new dress, or shirt on whim? Same principle as starting a new workout program. It’s new, it’s shiny and this time it’ll be different. That is motivation; not discipline, and certainly not consistency.

This is where accountability comes into play. Having a personal trainer who keeps you accountable—showing up everyday, eating healthy, having the right mindset—day in, day out is paramount to creating that environment of discipline and consistency. Your trainer will remove emotion from the equation. You don’t “feel” like working out today? Too bad.


Why Choose Envision Fitness?

Embedded within our core values are consistency and discipline. Without which, we would be little more than your average gym. Emotion is vital, there’s no question. For example, you should always, always leave the gym feeling better than when you walked in. We simply remove it as an ability to make excuses and, ultimately, fail in reaching our goals.

We each have our own, personal goal; our WHY. But, we’re all in this together and when we learn, and we care about each other’s goals we become a community. That is what you will find at Envision Fitness. We are that community.


Contact Us Today

If you are ready to hire a personal trainer and join our community, it’s time to schedule your free consultation! Give us a call at (952) 444-2791, email us at hopkins@envisionfitnessmn.com, or fill out a contact form on our website.